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On 5/22/07, Martin van den Bemt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> It's pretty simple to solve this though (even though repeating myself here) : 
Let (a flattened)
> commons become Jakarta..

I thought that that idea was unpopular with some commons commiters on this PMC?

With POI and Turbine going TLP, we are left with the Commons and
eleven other subprojects

  * BCEL
  * BSF
  * Cactus
  * ECS
  * HttpComponents
  * JCS
  * JMeter
  * ORO
  * Regexp
  * Slide
  * Taglibs

I don't think any of these would be out-of-scope for the Commons, but
there is the issue of whether we have maintenance Committers for all
eleven.  We've always resisted the ASF  becoming a "dumping ground",
and we don't want start dumping on each other. :)

I wonder if Torsten and the rest of the Commons group would be open to
inviting the remaining subprojects to join the Commons. The key being
whether there is anyone left who is both willing and able to accept
the invitation :)

If any subprojects then remain, we could update the websites of any
inactive subprojects to say that they are inactive, and then
re-establish the Jakarta PMC with the individuals listed on the
Commons resolution, plus the committers for any subprojects that join
the Commons, plus the committers for any active subprojects that do
not want to join the Commons at this time.

Any remaining active subprojects could designate a PMC contact who
would be responsible for reporting to the Jakarta PMC on a quarterly
basis, even if to say "All is well". If the reports stop, the Jakarta
PMC could mark the subproject "inactive - in search of committers". If
anyone wishes to become a committer to an inactive subproject, the
recourse would be to apply to the Incubator.


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