Hi Danny,

Danny Angus wrote on Monday, May 21, 2007 10:47 AM:

> On 5/21/07, Jörg Schaible <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Any attempt in any kind of direction has been vetoed down
> and for me it is pointless to bring the same arguments again
> in a new thread.
> Jorg,
> Searching through my mail I don't really see you advancing any
> "arguments" about the future of Jakarta.
> Perhaps you could consider repeating them for the benefit of those of
> us who didn't hear what you said?

Well, I follow the discussion quite for a while and anything was already said 
or proposed by other people and I could not add something new. So I limited 
myself to vote.

> It would be sad if people who have an opinion choose not to express it
> in a thread explicity about the future of Jakarta on the pmc list
> just because it may have already been expressed in Commons dev or poi
> dev or wherever else. 

IMHO it does not help, repeating the same arguments.
> On the other hand if there really is the level of apathy which the
> inactivity in this thread hints at then the choices are pretty clear.

So, here you do imply something ;-)

But to recap, we had

1/ Open-up Jakarta to all committers, was vetoed
2/ Merge commons into Jakarta, was vetoed
3/ Move commons into own TLP, was vetoed

So what's left in your opinion?

I don't buy the Jakarta=Java-Portal solution, since I believe it fails the 
doing. Option 2 would have been my personal choice, since 
- we keep the brand
- we state that we're Java centric
- we wrap a greater community about "matured/left-over/maintained only" 

Any Jakarta project that feels uneasy because it
- has an isolated community
- has a broader scope than "Java"
should consider a TLP

Option 3 from above was raised, because 2 did not make it and it would have 
forced the Jakarta left behind projects to make a real statement of their own. 
Now we're stuck to the status-quo and I see no way out of it anymore 
(<sarcasm>or should we try to start a vote on those issues in periodic times of 
6 months unless one of it passes?</sarcasm>).

Out of ideas,

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