Francesco Riosa wrote:
> Luca (chtekk) Longinotti, will also take care of MySQL, on my request,
> in a near future, then I'll stay as a backup maintainer for the time
> coming, or leave if needed for whatever reason.

Don't be so hard on yourself. Everyone thinks you did a great job with
MySQL. Only reason I think people were against the slotted versions is
because it meant a change and actually reading configuration docs and
actually doing something. Because emerge -uD world magically didn't make
everything work with the latest upstream all of a sudden.

I know I avoided the slotted upgrade for a bit just cause I didn't have
time to learn anything new for a couple of days but once I did it seemed

Forget public opinion, stick to it and support it and it will catch on.
And it'll show another good power of Gentoo. Example being for hosting
companies like mentioned by Alexander.

Doug Goldstein <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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