Ok, so per the one discussion in #-dev this evening, I'm looking for
questions to put on a new user survey.

For style of questions, multiple choice (both pick-one and pick-many) or
simple integers would be best. However some freeform questions are
probably going to end up in there anyway. 'Prefer not to answer' and 'I
don't know' should be available in most questions.

I don't have the original questions on hand right now (but i'm trying to
get them), so used some classical census questions. Some of the ones I
threw in are just what came to mind, I'd love to hear more questions and
more sections.

In the style of census, maybe offering a short form and a long form
questionnaire would be useful too?

Basic demographics - a bunch of this should probably be optional but recommended
- Gender (M, F, and the various other forms here)
- Year of birth
- # of children??
- How many years have you been using computers?

Sociocultural information (again, optional stuff):
- Location (country, and free-form city)
- Level of education?
- Job? (type coding this one is hard, and I'd prefer not to have it)
- Income level

Computer-general questions:
- Do you program?
- Checkboxes for some programming languages

Usage of Gentoo:
- Home
- School
- Work
- Other

(usage spawns the following set of questions)

Home/School/Work/Other systems:
- # of server/desktop/laptop/embedded systems?
- Language of system
- What arches, stable/testing keywords?
- Time spent weekly administering your $TYPE systems
- Sync frequency
- Do you share your portage tree between systems
- Do you share your distfiles between systems
- Do you share your binpkgs between systems
- Window Manager
- Kernel
- System specs (maybe follow the Value surveys for some questions)
- Distro breakdowns (folks that don't have exclusively Gentoo systems)
- Ask about existence and usage of digital camera, web cam, media
  player, printer, scanner etc with Gentoo (need a list, maybe see the
  Linux Foundation survey)
(Work specific)
- How many other users of Gentoo does your organization have?
- Name of organization (coupled with the previous question to weed out

Release-related questions:
- Should CD media be released at a different rate than stage tarballs?
- Desired release frequency for minimal/livecd/GRP/stages (annual,
  bi-annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly?)
- Do you use the installer or install by hand? (need an other field here)
- How often do you use the media?
- How often do you install Gentoo (using the stage tarballs or the
- Do you use GRP? 
- Would you like to use GRP in future?
- Binhost questions maybe?
- Do you use the portage snapshot associated with the release or the
  latest available snapshot or other?
- Do you use a Gentoo derivative? (give a list with an other option)

Portage-related questions:
(portage team, maybe you can help here?)

Distro-related questions (these two are from the original survey, but i
added more choices):
- Why choose Gentoo
        - package manager
        - package repository
        - customization
        - optimization
        - community
        - free as in beer
        - free as in speech
        - other (fill-in)
- Distro needs (with a justification text area)
        - Installer progress
        - Enterprise-level systems (slow-moving tree)
        - Embedded linux systems
        - More/less packages
        - Hardware support

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