On 04:33 Mon 14 Jan     , Robin H. Johnson wrote:
> Ok, so per the one discussion in #-dev this evening, I'm looking for
> questions to put on a new user survey.
> For style of questions, multiple choice (both pick-one and pick-many) or
> simple integers would be best. However some freeform questions are
> probably going to end up in there anyway. 'Prefer not to answer' and 'I
> don't know' should be available in most questions.

A lot of the suggested questions are hard facts. Some of them will 
indicate usage to suggest where we might focus, but they mostly won't 
indicate opinions. This means, for example, that people might say 
they're using Gentoo for a server but they won't be able to express how 
well it works.

I would like to see a lot more ratings and scales, for example:

How well does Gentoo as a whole meet your needs?
        Extremely well
        Fairly well
        Not that well

Rate the following, on a 1-10 scale (or a perfect to poor scale)

        Gentoo's official documentation

        Unofficial documentation (forums, wiki, etc)

        Are you able to find solutions for Gentoo-related issues on Google
        or other search engines?

Robert Buchholz said we should ask about services usage. I also think we 
should ask people to rate those services.

Other questions, that might address issues like our future goals as a 
distribution and will probably involve open-ended portions?

        What do you think of Gentoo's future?
                "It looks bright" to "I'm installing Ubuntu right now"
        What is Gentoo best at right now?
        What should Gentoo be best at?
        What is Gentoo worst at right now?
        What should Gentoo stop focusing on?
        What hurts Gentoo the most?

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