On Mon, 2008-01-14 at 04:33 -0800, Robin H. Johnson wrote:
> Release-related questions:
> - Should CD media be released at a different rate than stage tarballs?
> - Desired release frequency for minimal/livecd/GRP/stages (annual,
>   bi-annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly?)
> - Do you use the installer or install by hand? (need an other field here)

This question would be interesting, though a little moot.  With future
releases, we're making the Installer binary-only.  The reason is simple,
there are too many possible failure opportunities in the live tree or
when building from source.  The number of "installer bugs" that are
simply compilation bugs (many of which are already fixed in newer
versions/revisions in the tree) is overwhelming compared to the actual
number of bugs in the Installer.  By making it binary only, we only
allow the Installer to use known-good input for producing a user's
system.  All networked installs will be manual, and will follow the
Handbook.  I've thought of producing a simple "default source-based"
install script that allows someone to still use a source-based and
current installation, without having to type in a bunch of commands.  I
don't know how well this would be received, but it could be something
that you could ask here.

> - How often do you use the media?

Which media do you use? (minimal, universal, livecd, livedvd)

Which version do you use? (So many people tell me things like, "I still
use a $version CD, so I think it would be useful...)

> - How often do you install Gentoo (using the stage tarballs or the
>   installer)?
> - Do you use GRP? 
> - Would you like to use GRP in future?
> - Binhost questions maybe?
> - Do you use the portage snapshot associated with the release or the
>   latest available snapshot or other?
> - Do you use a Gentoo derivative? (give a list with an other option)

What features do you think are lacking on Gentoo install media? (free

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