On Mon, 2008-01-14 at 16:30 -0600, Brent Baude wrote:
> If the topic of frequent releases is put onto the survey, I would like 
> to know what users anticipate as part of the new releases because new 
> releases are based on the tree itself.  It has been a while since I have 
> used a binary distribution, but when I did, I looked forward to new 
> releases because new versions of X and Y were generally tied to it; 
> which is not usually the case with Gentoo except where profiles dictate 
> that.  Is the motivation for more releases in part the expectation of 
> more features?  If so, also collecting their suggestions for a features 
> list would be helpful. 

There is a thread on gentoo-user currently.  It started out about the
GWN, but it's been hijacked to talk about the install CD.  If you want
to know what / why users want the install CD, then read some of the
comments from here on:


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