Ryan Hill <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> said:
> a) Keep use.desc as it is:  a list of common flags and a short general 
> description of their meaning.

Sounds good.

> b) Keep use.local.desc as it is: a list of per-package flags that are 
> specific to one to a few ebuilds (i think 5 is the number though i think 10 
> is more appropriate, but that's not relevant to this discussion).  Again, 
> each has a short description.

Also fine.

> c) Allow flags from use.desc to also exist in use.local.desc.  In the case 
> that a flag for a package exists in both, the use.local.desc description 
> overrides the use.desc one.  This allows a more specific per-package 
> description of global flags.

Still doing alright :)

> d) Allow long descriptions in a package's metadata.xml, as some have begun 
> to do already, for cases where more info is needed.  For example I'd like 
> to explain exactly what the bindist flag on freetype does and what legal 
> implications disabling it can have.

Why can't this be done in use.local.desc?

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