Mark Loeser wrote:
> Ryan Hill <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> said:

>> My expectation is that `grep "flag" use.local.desc` will give me a list of 
>> packages using that flag (or having it in the description), one per line. 
>> Putting paragraphs in there doesn't seem right.

> One could argue that you can't do that currently for DEPEND strings and
> such, so that seems like a possibly weak argument to me.  Just because
> you can do something right now doesn't mean it was meant to be that way,
> or shouldn't be changed to make things better :)
> Either way, I would prefer (and I'm sure others will as well since it
> will cut down on confusion) if we pick either use.local.desc or to move
> them into metadata.xml.  Having it possibly be in both places just seems
> silly.

If we have to choose between the two, then metadata.xml gets my vote (yeah i'm
contradicting myself here ;)).  I think the benefits of being able to write long
flag descriptions outweigh the benefits of having them all in one place.

I'd like it if we had a util that displayed the descriptions from metadata
before (if) we switch over though.

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