Ryan Hill <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> said:
> Mark Loeser wrote:
>> Ryan Hill <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> said:
>>> c) Allow flags from use.desc to also exist in use.local.desc.  In the 
>>> case that a flag for a package exists in both, the use.local.desc 
>>> description overrides the use.desc one.  This allows a more specific 
>>> per-package description of global flags.
>> Still doing alright :)
>>> d) Allow long descriptions in a package's metadata.xml, as some have 
>>> begun to do already, for cases where more info is needed.  For example 
>>> I'd like to explain exactly what the bindist flag on freetype does and 
>>> what legal implications disabling it can have.
>> Why can't this be done in use.local.desc?
> My expectation is that `grep "flag" use.local.desc` will give me a list of 
> packages using that flag (or having it in the description), one per line. 
> Putting paragraphs in there doesn't seem right.

One could argue that you can't do that currently for DEPEND strings and
such, so that seems like a possibly weak argument to me.  Just because
you can do something right now doesn't mean it was meant to be that way,
or shouldn't be changed to make things better :)

Either way, I would prefer (and I'm sure others will as well since it
will cut down on confusion) if we pick either use.local.desc or to move
them into metadata.xml.  Having it possibly be in both places just seems

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