On Jan 15, 2008 4:05 AM, Chris Gianelloni <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I was really speaking mostly of the people who
> dislike the *idea* of an Installer for Gentoo, and then go and bash it
> as much as they can without providing any real evidence or reasons,
> except for the old faithful "it's against the spirit of Gentoo" reason,
> which is a complete fallacy.  Again, Gentoo is about empowering the
> users to make their own decisions.  No, I won't say Gentoo is about
> choice, because that is *STUPID* in that it gives people an excuse to
> argue about even the biggest piece of junk being added to our tree or
> supported, as if we have to, to give them the "choice".  Instead, I
> prefer the concept of empowering the user to make their own choices,
> where they can choose to add anything that they want in their personal
> overlay, as we have given them the tools to do so.  Now, if a user wants
> to use an Installer and someone wants to write the code, who are you (or
> I) to say that they are in the wrong?  After all, isn't it that idea of
> empowering the user *really* the spirit of Gentoo?
> I think so.

I am very pleased to hear from someone who knows the basis of any
opened community rules :)
To deal with the top-priority issues and drive Gentoo to the right
direction, there is the council in charge of helping devs to go where
it needs. But restraining users -or devs- projects is not the right

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