George Prowse wrote:
> I think you are missing the point. If you sit and wait for them to
> join you will always be understaffed.
> Go on a big dev drive! Announce it all over all the Gentoo's normal
> communication channels and other generic linux places! Email some
> linux magazines, talk to distrowatch, message some large LUGs. Get
> people talking about it. Whatever happens, dont just sit on your
> hands. Tell the users that Gentoo needs them and that they can make a
> difference!
> If you make it a big and special occasion which is planned correctly
> with a sufficient number of current developers who are willing to walk
> people through how and what it means to be a Gentoo Developer then the
> influx could create a new backbone of new developers who will
> hopefully be here for years to come.
I agree with you. Gentoo is not doing enough publicity on needed help (I
sincerely think the related page in is out of date) and we
can read too often in recruitment pages that "user should not
ask and should wait to be asking". I'm not sure most devs are looking to
users as potential new devs. It's clearly not a good recruitment policy.
Maybe when we are full staffed but surely not when we are understaffed
like it looks like.
An active recruitment policy like a recruitment campaign should be very
positive and I would be glad to help with that.


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