Ciaran McCreesh wrote:
> At the very least, before attempting any mass recruitment, the quiz
> needs to be lengthened, brought up to date and split into "answer these
> on the spot on IRC without having seen the question before" and
> "research allowed" questions, and recruiters have to be prepared to
> fail most applicants.

We have actually been using an extra question battery for IRC for many
years already. The quizzes are actively maintained by me so if you have
suggestions about what needs improving please do tell and we can update
the quizzes as needed. Currently we really don't need to fail that many
people as those who end up at that point in the process almost always
have good enough skills as they have contributed via overlays for quite
a while. I would rather keep it like the current process where the bad
people don't get mentored to the finish.


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