Petteri Räty a écrit :
Currently we really don't need to fail that many
people as those who end up at that point in the process almost always
have good enough skills as they have contributed via overlays for quite
a while.

Ditto on that. Most recruits I've been actively watching these past few months (Ford_prefect, nirbheek and now mrpouet) have all been "trained" that way :
 - they send us patches for ebuilds
 - we tell them how they are wrong and they fix 'em
 - after a while, they get access to the overlay
 - we still whack them with the cluebat when they break stuff

But the whole overlay process is very positive because it's hands-on experience.

The ebuild quiz is usually a very good time for them to reflect on all the work they did and they understand more why we had to whack them a few times. Things make much more sense for them.

All in all, I would say overlays + the ebuild quiz make for very good recruits. I have yet to be disappointed by this recruitment process.



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