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> I've seen a few replies from the (rare) Gentoo dev as well, indicating 
> they basically don't do IRC either, just mail, tho it is quite rare, and 
> it would seem, likely to go extinct in Gentoo before its time, since 
> evidently those devs have no skills considered worth recruiting any 
> more.  I'd call that a shame as that's a potentially large skills and 
> talent bank Gentoo's about to pass on, but what's a man to do, other than 
> make the point as best he can? <shrug>  

It seems to me you're on a irc-hate rampage. There are many devs who
rarely, if ever, go on irc. The _only_ requirement is that  you conduct
a real-time interview with a recruiter. It's sort of like a job
interview only it's remote. Once you're a dev you don't have to go on
irc _at all_. It's not going to kill you to do two reviews on irc,
especially given the advantages various people have presented for a
real-time interview.

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