Christian Faulhammer <> posted, excerpted below, on  Wed, 06 May 2009
08:33:56 +0200:

> Apart from growing into your job (that's what happened with me),
> recruiters do quite long IRC sessions with the applicant.  Apart from
> questions not found in the quiz they want people to elaborate on answers
> they made.

As others have occasionally noted, the assumption seems to be that 
developers "do" IRC.  While it's certainly a useful thing for those that 
do it, I believe I've seen a few developers speak up from time to time 
that say they do little if any IRC at all, doing their Gentoo comms via 
email (including the lists), bugs, and of course commits.  Does the way 
remain open for such recruits?  This subthread would suggest not, that 
IRC is now considered not just convenient or useful, but mandatory.  I'd 
call that a shame, as it could well block otherwise productive potential 

If it's not assumed mandatory, perhaps a bit more care should be taken to 
avoid creating that impression, thereby discouraging potentially valuable 

Maybe the world has moved on and email, etc, is now as impractical for 
development as snail mail.  If so, I suppose it has left us old fogies 
behind, but somehow, I don't believe it's gone /that/ far yet, nor can I 
believe it will in the intermediate term future, at least.  If it were, 
after all, this list should be near deserted.  It's obviously not.

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