Mounir Lamouri wrote:
> It's even worst when we try to use ACCEPT_LICENSE to have a free
> operating system. Let's suppose 'free' in fsf free and osf free,
> LGPL-2.1 is free for both but LGPL-2 isn't and we can suppose, most
> LGPL-2 licensed packages in the tree are LGPL-2+ actually.

Are you aware that we have license groups like  @FSF-APPROVED?
It's set up in  /usr/portage/profiles/license_groups.

> So, what I propose is to let a license to be suffixed by the + operator.
> In this case, if a newer license is accepted by ACCEPT_LICENSE, the PM
> should not filter the package.

My vote is against it.  It feels like black magic to me and many
licenses are not versioned, at least not their reference names in Gentoo.

However I do notice that "GPL-2+" could make things easier.
Why not introduce a license group for it like @GPL-2+ or so, instead?
That would be transparent and use existing means.

What do you think?


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