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> 1 - requirements
> ================
> In order to choose the best possible wiki implementation, we need to
> know our requirements. So what features do you think are essential or
> good to have? What syntax would we prefer to use?
> [...]
> - active upstream (bug fixes, security updates)
> - free open source software
> - ACLs
> - spam prevention measures
> - attachments (to upload screenshots for example)
> - feeds

I propose to use MediaWiki.

It fulfills all of your points above. Plus the software is proven in
large scale deployments and the security track record is alright.

> 2 - maintainers
> ===============
> Who is volunteering for maintaining the wiki? We need editors and
> moderators, people who look out for quality control and take care of
> spam removal. So let's get together a team. I'm sure if we ask on the
> forums we'll get some users interested as well.

I'd be interested in helping out with the backend part, i.e. setting up
and maintaining the Wiki software and the needed extensions,
user management and support.

> 3 - edit access
> ===============
> Do we keep to the original "free for all" model, with all the spam
> that includes, or do we go with registered users only? I think the
> latter is the smarter option. I also think we will want to mark
> certain pages "official" and lock down editing rights.

Here's another idea:
The German Wikipedia uses a concept called "sighted revisions". If you
visit an article without logging in you will see the latest sighted
revision, as an identified user you can also view the latest revision.

For the editing part:
Some users have the privilege to mark revisions as "sighted". In
Wikipedia, you gain that privilege automatically after 300 or so edits.
We could of course set that bit manually or use another threshold.

If a "regular" user makes a contribution, one of the editors would go
and check the changes and mark the revision as sighted.

> Is there anything else we should consider before getting started?

Maybe we should discuss what goals we want to reach with a Wiki.

One thing is offering user-contributed documentation, of course.
But do we also want a developer wiki? Or offer per-project realms in our
wiki? Or $something_else?


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