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> > Does anyone know what exactly for ?
> > Didnt have the time for an deeper investigation, but if an widget
> > toolkit requires an printing service, something really strange
> > is happening, IMHO ... ;-o
> >
> Download the gtk+ tarball and take a peek inside ./modules/printbackends/cups
> You'll find your answer there.

Yes, sometimes answers you'd even wouldn't like to know ;-o

Folks, these gtk guys are on bad drugs (well, that's not sucha
new enlightenment ;-o) ...

a) gtk-printer backends are separate *shared* libraries, which
   are loaded somewhere at runtime. absolutely no need to ship
   and build them within the gtk+ tree
b) the whole gtk-printer api might be a nice thing (even i just
   have a dozen of better solutions at the tip of my head ;-o),
   but I can't see any technical reasons for having that all
   within a widget toolkit, instead of a separate library.

hmm, time for a fork ? ;-)

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