On Saturday 06 of March 2010 18:05:20 Nirbheek Chauhan wrote:
> On Sat, Mar 6, 2010 at 5:02 PM, Ben de Groot <yng...@gentoo.org> wrote:
> > Would it be possible to make cups a PDEPEND in gtk+ or is it really
> > needed at compile time?
> cups is definitely needed at compile-time
> > The same for cups: can we make poppler a PDEPEND? Maciej, did
> > you get any further with looking into that?
> From what I can see in cups-1.3.11, pdftops is purely a runtime
> dependency. The configure flags enable code that doesn't need pdftops
> at compile-time. Infact, poppler[utils] is in pure RDEPEND to reflect
> that. So in total, I think it can be moved to PDEPEND.

Apart from PDEPEND, one change needed as well in cups ebuilds:
--with-pdftops pdftops
needs to be replaced with

as otherwise it will fail during configure phase (giving absolute path 
disables autodetection)

cups can use either poppler or ghostscript as pdf-to-ps filter, so given the 
fact that ghostscript is already a dep of cups, maybe --with-pdftops=gs could 
be used instead to avoid poppler dependency completely, but that's up to cups 
maintainers to determine whether it's safe/desired.

So it's all simple, all this fuzz was unnecessary.
Btw, do we still have active printing herd?


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