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> Apart from PDEPEND, one change needed as well in cups ebuilds:
> --with-pdftops pdftops
> needs to be replaced with
> --with-pdftops=/usr/bin/pdftops
> as otherwise it will fail during configure phase (giving absolute path 
> disables autodetection)

Hardcodig a pathname is not a good idea, IMHO.
If ./configure really insists on autodetection when given name is
not absolute, we should fix the source ;-p

> cups can use either poppler or ghostscript as pdf-to-ps filter, 
> so given the fact that ghostscript is already a dep of cups, 
> maybe --with-pdftops=gs could be used instead to avoid poppler 
> dependency completely, but that's up to cups maintainers to 
> determine whether it's safe/desired.

hmm, does it _really_ need gs, even when pdftops is used ?

maybe we could move out this whole issue to an wrapper script
(configurable via eselect) ?

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