I make a lot of binaries for use on other systems, to expedite updates.
It does not make sense for some packages to ever be a binary package.

Packages like -bin packages or gentoo-sources, which are just sources.
Having binary ebuilds of those is of no benefit. I can be the opposite
causing things to be much slower. Like in the case of large things
packages like android-studio.

Just seems odd to make a binary of a binary, or repackage
gentoo-sources into a gentoo ebuild binary/binpkg. There is not really
any benefit either way for such packages.

It would be beneficial if ebuilds could have some internal variable
that prevents it from being a binary package. It should not prevent
merge or fail. Just never create a binary of this package, always use
the ebuild as normal. Even if someone is force installing using binary
flag or otherwise.

As most things I think this would require support in PMS, or next EAPI
at minimum. But I think the EAPI comes from PMS, so they are related.

William L. Thomson Jr.

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