On Tue, Aug 8, 2017 at 12:37 PM, William L. Thomson Jr.
<wlt...@o-sinc.com> wrote:
> As most things I think this would require support in PMS, or next EAPI
> at minimum. But I think the EAPI comes from PMS, so they are related.

Actually, I'm not sure about this since it doesn't really affect what
is actually built, but I'll defer to others on that.  For example, in
[1] there is a statement "Package managers may recognise other tokens,
but ebuilds may not rely upon them being supported."  This strikes me
as that sort of thing, and indeed this might be the right place to put
it.  There is no real harm if a particular package manager doesn't
support this feature as it has no affect on what is installed.  I
believe we also use non-PMS variables for things like disabling QA
checks in tinderboxes and such, since this has no impact on package

A new EAPI would be defined in a new version of the PMS.  The PMS is
the specification that includes EAPI among other things.

1 - https://projects.gentoo.org/pms/6/pms.html#x1-920008.2.8


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