19:09       @floppym | wltjr really seems to make shit up when he
doen't know what he's talking about.
19:20        @mgorny | lol
19:20        @mgorny | we're talking about the real wltjr or the
r0b0t1 fake identity?
19:21       @floppym | mgorny: There's a fake?
19:22        @mgorny | didn't you notice r0b0t1 on the mailing lists?
19:22       @floppym | Nope.
19:22       @floppym | I'm talking about the person filing bugs about
Portage failures on NFS, as well as bug
                     | 637160
19:22        @mgorny | he appeared out of the blue a few weeks ago
19:22      willikins | floppym: https://bugs.gentoo.org/637160
"dev-python/pbr-3.1.1 access violation with pypy3";
                     | Gentoo Linux, Current packages; UNCO;
19:25        @mgorny |
19:25        @mgorny | this guy
19:25       @floppym | Oh, yes. He seems to conherent to be wltjr.
19:26        @mgorny | 'i know nothing but i'm going to pretend i'm
the smartest guy around, and try to prove
                     | everyone who disagrees with me is stupid'
19:27       @floppym | I see posts from him dating back to 2016; I
think it's a different person.
19:28         jstein | But this robot seems to need some kind of
repair or recalibration in my eyes
19:29        @mgorny | floppym: maybe. but he behaves quite similar
19:31              * | floppym shrugs
19:32         jstein | the members on our mailinglist handle this
troll very well and do not get triggered by his
                     | statements.
19:32       @floppym | If only the same could be said for wltjr...
19:34            --> | fekepp
(~Thunderbi@2a02:8071:31ac:c00:221:ccff:fed4:6de7) has joined
19:34         jstein | where do I remember this nick from? Bugs?
19:36         jstein | the robot did not write any mail after 9th. I
expected he was set to "moderated".

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