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Matt Turner <matts...@gentoo.org> wrote:
> Sorry. I think I was confusing a number of irritating things you've
> done: email spoofing,

That was a complete accident due to a new version of Kmail that had the
from field editable by default. It was NOT intentional. Not the 1st
time. The 2nd time was for confirmation. I was in disbelieve such
abuse was even possible with @gentoo.org addresses. That was a shocking
discovery given I have administrated mail severs for quite some time.
In part why I use ASSP.

> doing whatever you did to get banned from  GitHub

That should never have happened. Over this comment. You tell me does
this make any sense to ban someone from Gentoo's Github? Which did not
go through Comrel or any normal channels. That was Gentoo Github
administrator abuse. I said nothing here that was untrue.

As a result I mentioned it again on this PR and then stopped
responding. Given its off topic, I would be punished not the other.
I felt I should have responded to not be rude. Given their lengthy
response and any reply would be in detail. Just not worth it for me.

> and then that time ten years ago that you evaded a mailing
> list ban. My apologies.

Thank you, very few if any have ever said that. It makes a huge
difference! Not that I expect it from anyone. But I do try to say sorry
when I am wrong. Think that is a sign of an adult, or man.

In a nutshell others have cast their negative impression of me onto
others. Who because person A feels this way about me, person B does as
well and the rest of the dominos. No matter if its correct or not. That
has gone on for many years. Been publicly defamed, etc.
Even when I produce facts to counter it seems to not matter.

We are in the group thinking generation it seems. I am not perfect, but
I have never had bad intentions. I should never have been treated as I
have been for a very long time. I would never seek to treat others that
way. Even with the mistreatment I still do not respond in kind to
others. No profanities, etc. Its not in my nature publicly surely not
in written form.

I have a sailors mouth, but I have a hard time typing such words....
Some may perceive disrespect or rudeness from me, but that maybe more
my blunt nature than intentional disrespect. I spent to much time in
the hood growing up. I know better, I am still alive... :)

William L. Thomson Jr.

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