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> > That being said, that people find it acceptable to talk behind
> > another's back. Lobbing lots of insults. Then having the ego to
> > assume someone would create a fake identity. Any minimal research
> > can show otherwise.  
> You did already evade a mailing list ban.

If your talking about on -nfp in 2008. It was a ban that should never
have happened in the first place. It surely made nothing better.

My single post after ban was point to make a point. That bans can be
easily circumvented. Also you DO NOT ban a just stepped down Trustee
from the -nfp list. That shows massive disrespect. More so given what
all I did. Other Trustees then still show me some respect over my
actions then. I also did not hide, people knew it was me. No fake
account etc. I do not hide ever.

No one questions why I stepped down. Then or now. Nor the actions of
those who motivated me to do that. Why? Because they were members of
DevRel then. Also living near Alec, and having weekly gathers. I know I
hung out with them a few times. It was more personal than anything
against me and that was wrong to use Gentoo for personal reasons.

The entire thing should never have happened. Alec can clear it up if he
will tell his side. But he remains silent, for obvious reasons for
years. I have called him out on this a few times. All it takes is a
simple response from him to clear the air. After all he went to DevRel.
Me being a problem is one Alec started by reporting me to DevRel. He is
at least in part fault for everything since then involving me.

One involved  then Jorge Manuel B. S. Vicetto  has been very bad for
Gentoo. I used to talk to Petteri Rati all the time. Seeing them in
the following presentation. It is of no surprise to me where Gentoo is
at now. I could see this coming, and I did nothing. I let others
convince me I was the problem so I went away. Yet things did not
improve in my absence. Maybe I wasn't the problem....

Gentoo's Reform and Future (Petteri R├Ąty, Jorge Manuel B. S.
Published on Feb 5, 2011

You can see me talking to Petteri here, after Jorges comments.

William L. Thomson Jr.

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