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"William L. Thomson Jr." <wlt...@o-sinc.com> wrote:
> For the record and reading assumer's. All my actions were in public,
> basically on mailing lists starting with -nfp long ago. All action
> taken against me was in public visible on my developer bug. I have
> never communicated with ComRel former DevRel in private. Or had any
> action taken against me for anything I did in private. It was always
> public.

Sorry correction I have exchange emails, I think IRC short of
confirming via logs with ComRel/DevRel as part of action being taken
against. Any conduct being "punished" was in public. I have no problems
with any punishment interaction I had being made public. It would not be
any different than what is on mailing list or my bug.

Nothing I did privately caused the ball to start rolling. That was
all in public. I think the initial report against me was private....

Again sorry I did not want to be lying.

William L. Thomson Jr.

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