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Rich Freeman <ri...@gentoo.org> wrote:
> The problem is that with current policies if somebody in Comrel/etc
> had evidence to the contrary they would not be able to refute such a
> denial.  My example wasn't of wltjr specifically (at least not to my
> knowledge), but it just goes to the point of why having these sorts of
> things hashed out on the mailing lists on the first place. 

For the record and reading assumer's. All my actions were in public,
basically on mailing lists starting with -nfp long ago. All action taken
against me was in public visible on my developer bug. I have never
communicated with ComRel former DevRel in private. Or had any action
taken against me for anything I did in private. It was always public.

Any private information regarding me from 08 till today was generated
within Gentoo and does not involve me. If any exists. With the
exception of -core back in the day. Which again is a list, visible to
all devs then.

Sorry and no more from me. I just feel given how I am portrayed,
spoken of, action taken against, etc. I must clarify some things for the
public record. Which even despite all my actions being in public.
People still assume because research and thinking for yourself takes
time. Time I do not expect anyone to expend.

William L. Thomson Jr.

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