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> > On 12/05/2017 11:12 PM, Rich Freeman wrote:  
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> >> And what would you do when somebody repeatedly sexually harasses
> >> other members of the community in private after being told to
> >> stop, and then acts as if they're the victim on the public mailing
> >> lists?  
> >
> > This doesn't seem relevant to the matter of splitting the lists, and
> > would certainly be a matter for comrel.
> >  
> What do you do when they keep posting manifestos or whatever on the
> lists every few months, or generally stirring up the community about
> how unjustly they're being treated?  When the appeal is to popular
> opinion, instead of the defined process for handling these appeals?

For readers who may assume. Along the lines of me being kicked. I have
never ever in my life ever done anything along those lines, nor was
kicked. What ever Rich is referring to is another person, not me!!!!

I may stir pot, annoy, write backwards, etc. I do not use profanity. I
do not harass people. My actions are all in public. I am not a fan of
private PM. I hated it as a Trustee!

In fact private harassment is why I stepped down as Trustee....
Me receiving harassment from members of DevRel....
None sexual, still was harassment none the less

William L. Thomson Jr.

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