Robert G. Hays wrote:
Here I have to -- mostly! -- agree with Eric...

nobody is perfect...

I am a highly-knowledgeable ~18-year programmer, multi-lang, multi-arch, even was handed 66x lins low-comment Fortran, which I'd never seen (Fortran) before to convert to C, no headers, books, etc. Not only succeded in ~12 hours, but noticed & fixed two errors that the client had paid several $10K's to supposed Fortran-pros trying to find & fix!

chops disclosure?

before I was injured in 1994, I spent 18 years in software development

cgos 200x os file system developer including designing and part of a team developing a multinode cluster file system.
kermit cgos 200x (look for esj in the code)
uupc atari st
image management system for wang on sysV
mua developer on wang freestyle

to name a few.

since then I've been focusing on better UI experiences including early work with IPCop and camram. managed to reduce dealing with spam to a five-minute per day task needing only five-minute training for a secretary. Which leads me to the conclusion that more complicated interfaces for this particular task are designed as a jobs program for administrators

Having said all that, I also understand, at least in part, why this is so. (Don't jump *too* hard there, Eric!)

(jump gently) does the reason involve ego?? richard sizing??

Meanwhile I need to maek money or get evicted from my home, and between MonopolSoft and Gentoo, right now I can't do a d****thing to make money.

a classic problem for engineers over 35. I can't imagine why for the life of me anyone would choose an engineering career between the age discrimination and the almost complete disregard for historical knowledge.

having said that I'm rebuilding my consulting company (motto: unscrewing technology) after being cto for a failed startup and then failed health that almost killed me. so screw trying not to offend (all the time). life is too short.. ;-)

--- eric


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