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> I realise that there is are rites issues and it is not just the BBC or tv, 
> they tried region coding dvds it doesn't work, with gobal movement of people 
> the whole rites thing needs a rethink.

Actually it does work. It doesn't need to be 100% effective, it just
needs to be *sufficiently* effective.

Many years ago, for example, I worked for the BBC on some very early
Olympic online streaming. The International Olympic Committee were happy
if our geographic blocking had an error rate of 10%. That is, if someone
from outside the area we had rights for tried to access it they were
happy with a 90% change of them being blocked.

If a tiny number of geeks can circumvent the restrictions by using VPNs,
or hiring a server in the UK, or using VLC to watch a DVD, that really
doesn't matter. What matters is blocking the masses.

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