Thank you for all this work. Steffen, I guess you will
tell us when you have a KGI distrib. with these things?


"Jon M. Taylor" wrote:
>         I am flying out to the LinuxWorld Expo at New York City at the
> beginning of February with my boss.  We will be speaking at Eric Raymond's
> 'open source device drivers' conference session, which should be
> interesting |->.  What would be even more interesting, however, would be
> if I had a working prototype of KGI-0.9 + driver accels + LibGGI target
> support + GGIMesa 3D accels target support.  In other words, the complete
> top-to-bottom GGI/KGI solution that we have all been working towards for
> years now.
> <soapbox>
>         We are getting very close to this goal now, and I would like to
> once again encourage everyone who is reading this and has any free time to
> pitch in and help tighten down KGI-0.9.  Even if all you have time to do
> is download the latest patches and test them over your lunch break while
> reading Slashdot, that would still be helpful.  Or you could take 30
> minutes and knock together a skeleton driver for your favorite chipset,
> and maybe that will make it easier for the next guy to add some I/O
> routines, and then the next guy can type in some register #defines, etc
> etc etc and before you know it you'll have a real driver on your hands.
> Every little bit helps, folks.  If you really believe in GGI/KGI, as I do,
> then please try to do whatever you can at this critical juncture to help
> it become the success it has the potential to become.
> </soapbox>


So, 2000 may be interesting indeed...

BTW Jon, could you send me this 'Win32' driver source that you have ?
I happen to have ViRGE somewhere and a spare computer now...


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