On Sun, 2 Jan 2000, Jon M. Taylor wrote:
>       B. S3 ViRGE
>               a. Detects and maps card and regions
>               b. Sets/mmap()s VGA textmodes
>               c. All registers #defined and struct{}'ed
>               d. VGA registers read from card
>               e. Accels driver skeleton but no code yet
>               f. No MMIO-only mode yet
I'm working on it now, so please contact me if you want to help for the
ViRGE. It would be very nice if we could use CVS for the KGI
tree. Steffen, Jon, can we please go back into CVS please ?

Current state of my code: Clock driver done. Chipsetdriver contains almost
all code, only checking must be done (still figuring out how to determine
the mode, this is quite different form the kgicon drivers...) Ramdac
driver inserted in chipset driver due to lack of register access in the
ramdac driver. Ramdac driver is an empty (but compiling) sceleton.

Is the problem that the KGI-card must be the second card solved already
? A ViRGE can't be a second card (At least not my DX).


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