On Sun, 2 Jan 2000, Jon M. Taylor wrote:
> 1. Three new drivers:
>       A. nVidia TNT2

Cooincidentally I just switched to a Diamond TNT2 based card, so I
will try to give it a spin.  What's the deal on TNT2 docs --
anyone got a link collection for sample code?

>       C. IBM VGA (graphics)
>               a. Skeleton; no working logic yet

Hmm, quandry -- I'll have to decide whether to make the SVGA the 
boot display and work on the TNT (thus having to edit the bios settings
whenever I need to play i82 :), or keep the TNT as the primary display
and work on VGA... or has the boot display vs KGI issue been solved?
I suppose we need a vga driver pretty badly.

> 6. KDB now works with KGI, except for one last bug in the psaux keyboard
> driver code which causes the KDB command parser to hang in an infinite
> loop with interrupts disabled |-<.  I suspect a conflict between Steffen's
> psaux code and KDB, which expects to run with the standard kernel psaux
> code.  Having KDB available alongsize KGI will make driver development
> much, much more pleasant and convenient.  Not tommorrow, however |->.

Have you tried it with the input-linux patch yet?  I've meddled with Steffen's 
psaux code before so I will try and take a look.  Never used KDB before but
it sounds worth learning.  (Sigh, there are still some mainboard timing kinks 
in my current system so things crash occasionally for no reason -- I hope 
that doesn't have me chasing nonexistant bugs.)

>       We are getting very close to this goal now, and I would like to
> once again encourage everyone who is reading this and has any free time to
> pitch in and help tighten down KGI-0.9.

I second this sentiment.  Even if you're just doing it to learn how to 
write kernel code, please play with KGI.


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