Hi Wouter !

> > >       - What do I do for sound?  I could use GSI (which does -not- work
> > >       for me...  the daemon -never- starts)...  Maybe I should look
> > >       at a GGI-style sound management library?

> Why doesn't whoever wrote this contact me? 

Oops - assumed he already did ...

> > This is quite a bit different from your current needs which are pretty much
> > streaming large amounts of PCM data in a synchronized way.

> Streams are handled by GSI 0.8.x. Synchronizing, well, in that case
> shared memory streams are probably the way to go (not completed in
> 0.8.x).

Ah. ggiplay is a simple mov-player based on the quicktime4linux library
I wrote to have a look at the lib. So synchronization is an important issue
for that stuff as nothing looks worse, than a movie not in sync with the text.

> > Yes - a GGI-like Lib would be interesting, as there are at least:
> > OSS, Kernel native drivers, ALSA, network audio servers, dumb /dev/audios,
> > the Win stuff ...

> Check out the library oranization of 0.9.x: gsipcm, gsicd, gsisynth
> (abstraction in this case is a mistake I think, just do midi and new
> libs for other formats), gsimixer, and (lib)gsi is the network
> connection stuff.

This sounds good. You mean, that LibGSI already has the ability to as 
transparently as possible run on about every underlying sounddriver ?

Great, then. I should update my copy to have a look (though it works for me
as is :-).

> > Unifying this would be great ... but it will need quite some effort and
> > study of all possible targets to get it right.
> Hmm. Have a look at 0.9.x. Anyone want to help?

Well - how about the orginal poster ... Teunis - come one ...

CU, ANdy

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