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> Q: Got a driver/protocol/divisioning chart?  Some kinda explanation to why
> things are laid out the way they are and maybe what parts do what?
> I keep thinking of doing something akin to Windows Media system / modular
> with divisions of modules.  (ie: use GGI/GII as a root for driver methods,
> and the Windows Media system as a starting point for what and how to set
> it up? :)
> Windows Media system has lotsa problems that Linux has solved I know.  But
> it's a good way to look at it circa how HW driver people see things.
> Oh, and if it can have a GGI hookup, I can start writing video codecs and
> toys (or at least importing them :)

The DVD/media-people over at the Livid-list has been discussing (and
coding) this at some length the last couple of months. I suggest
having a look in the mailing list archive and sending a couple of mails
to the parties involved.

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