On Sun, 16 Jan 2000, W.H.Scholten wrote:

> Rubén wrote:
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> > On 2000/Jan/13, W.H.Scholten wrote:
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> > > Well, not precompiled. What I mean is that it uses an abstracted system
> > > of pcm/mixer/synth/cd in directly accessable libraries. Compile the
> > > libraries for a new audio system and the server would work on the other
> > > API.
> > 
> >         This is a problem to the distributions. Note that if I want to pack
> > this software into a Debian package, I should make a different package for
> > each driver to include with the distribution, and it isn't possible. You
> > should think in other solution, I think.
> Good point. dlopen is needed then..
> I didn't really consider binary packages as e.g. the API wasn't quite
> stable yet.

Q: Got a driver/protocol/divisioning chart?  Some kinda explanation to why
things are laid out the way they are and maybe what parts do what?

I keep thinking of doing something akin to Windows Media system / modular
with divisions of modules.  (ie: use GGI/GII as a root for driver methods,
and the Windows Media system as a starting point for what and how to set
it up? :)

Windows Media system has lotsa problems that Linux has solved I know.  But
it's a good way to look at it circa how HW driver people see things.

Oh, and if it can have a GGI hookup, I can start writing video codecs and
toys (or at least importing them :)

> >         What? Two people making sound stuff? GGL hasn't still sound support,
> > and I think that it would be good to use somehing like GGI for the sound
> > module, as GSI seems to be. We should (Teunis also) continue with this
> > discussion in other part, I'm very interested, and the GGL people has some
> > ideas on the sound support that could interest you.
> Ok. mail or another mailing list?

Haven't the foggiest.  Sound is pretty important and can get pretty
complex.  To be entirely honest, the only reason I'm using GSI versus
something like mikmod is a: I think the GSI approach is a little more
elegant and scalable, and b: mikmod's audio drivers are fubar some of the
time on my system.  From a -design- flaw.

PS: Permissions on my audio devices tend to change from time to time.
*Growl*.  I can't control it, it seems like X or something is overriding
things...  if permissions aren't -perfect- mikmod errors out.

G'day, eh? :)
        - Teunis

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