Rubén wrote:
> On 2000/Jan/13, W.H.Scholten wrote:
> > Well, not precompiled. What I mean is that it uses an abstracted system
> > of pcm/mixer/synth/cd in directly accessable libraries. Compile the
> > libraries for a new audio system and the server would work on the other
> > API.
>         This is a problem to the distributions. Note that if I want to pack
> this software into a Debian package, I should make a different package for
> each driver to include with the distribution, and it isn't possible. You
> should think in other solution, I think.

Good point. dlopen is needed then..
I didn't really consider binary packages as e.g. the API wasn't quite
stable yet.

>         What? Two people making sound stuff? GGL hasn't still sound support,
> and I think that it would be good to use somehing like GGI for the sound
> module, as GSI seems to be. We should (Teunis also) continue with this
> discussion in other part, I'm very interested, and the GGL people has some
> ideas on the sound support that could interest you.

Ok. mail or another mailing list?



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