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> > How about if we #ifdef around that code.  Windows will be the only OS
> > which can use an environment variable.  The others would still be hard
> > coded.
> Could be done, but I don't really like special solutions ...

There has been a giiGetConfDir() function in LibGII for a long time
for exactly this purpose, and I've just added a ggiGetConfDir()
function to LibGGI. They can be implemented as needed for Win32.

The idea I had was that the location of the config dir should be
stored in the Registry and retrieved from there. The environment
variable is not good, as in NT you actually have some security
wrt file permissions. I don't know if NT has the notion of suid
programs, but we should really do it right from the start as
that might be added later.

Another alternative is to always put the config file in the Windows
directory (which I'd think you can query from the OS, right?)

Speaking of this - John, it would be nice if you also had a look
at the ggGetUserDir() function in LibGG and did something nice on
Windows. I know at least NT has the notion of a "home" directory.

> > Of course, if windows supported links across drives, this wouldn't be a
> > problem.
> It doesn't ? I thought these .lnk files were nothing but symlinks ? Maybe
> they are not transparent ...

You really didn't think they'd do something sane did you? ;)

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