On Sun, Jan 16, 2000 at 12:27:20PM -0500, John Fortin wrote:
> > The idea I had was that the location of the config dir should be
> > stored in the Registry and retrieved from there. The environment
> > variable is not good, as in NT you actually have some security
> > wrt file permissions. I don't know if NT has the notion of suid
> > programs, but we should really do it right from the start as
> > that might be added later.
>       Yeah, you are right.  I was hoping to avoid the registry, but it is the
> proper place for the config directory to be.  Unfortunately, this really
> means there has to be an install process besides just unzip/untar.
> I suppose an uninstall process is needed also.

If at all possible, it'd be nice if a user that hasn't got write
access to C: or to the system part of the registry can install
libggi (possibly by putting a config file in the same folder as libggi
or something).


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