> Actually the whole point would be to have the registry entry in
> the system section so random users can't tamper with it. However,
> installing LibGGI as a user must also be supported, so I'd suggest
> we have it in the user section for now. Then if we find a reason to
> do something more secure we can always change it.

How about the simple solution:

1. When installing, try to install in the system area. If that fails due to
permission problem try user area.

2. When running, try the system area first. If that fails try the user area.
If that fails, try some default based on the homedir.

With that setup, we get a secure system, if installed by the sysadmin, as
the system entry is checked first and cannot be overridden. Only problem is,
that a system wide install breaks a userside install, but that can be solved
with an autoconf option or similar, if really required.

CU, ANdy

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