John Fortin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> > If at all possible, it'd be nice if a user that hasn't got write
> > access to C: or to the system part of the registry can install
> > libggi (possibly by putting a config file in the same folder as libggi
> > or something).
> > 
>       If I go with a registry solution, which seems likely, I doubt I'll
> support the above.  It gets too confusing have different configuration
> methods.  I'll try to have the registry in the user section of the
> registry.  I haven't done much with accessing the registry, so I have
> some work to do.

Actually the whole point would be to have the registry entry in
the system section so random users can't tamper with it. However,
installing LibGGI as a user must also be supported, so I'd suggest
we have it in the user section for now. Then if we find a reason to
do something more secure we can always change it.

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