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1) Cool stuff! That might come in very handy for Co-Simulation and other code analysis 2) Could you post a simple example XML output of a FF/register assignment (only if you have the nerve for it, of course), e.g.

    if rising_edge(clk) then
        if en = '1' then
            r0 <= r1;
        end if;
    end if;
end process;

3) Someone mentioned a schema (XSD), this sounds like an awful lot of work to me, esp. at an early stage, when things might change. I'd rather see many conversion examples.

4) I was wondering, if it was actually possible to hack an .XSL to extract register assignments as the above, or if a more complex tree parsing via a "real" programming language was required.

I'm working a lot with XML to create HDL and other sources, it took quite a while to design the dialect such that the translation overhead is not too massive (IP-XACT not being the best example here...) But this topic is definitely different, more like disassembly, so I guess the next story (where the XSD makes sense) would be the design of the transfer language, i.e. apart from the pure analysis aspect, being able to identify FF/Muxer/LUT and other primitives and translate them into some mid level XML RTL, that again would translate to a netlist usable by the mapper tools. But the big gordian knot might be, to keep this layer independent of the FPGA technology (assuming that the HDL design is free of vendor specifics).


- Strubi

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