Thanks for checking, John!

> On 05 Aug 2016, at 12:18, wrote:
> On 5 August 2016 at 10:00, Carmelo DrRaw <> wrote:
>> Last night I have prepared a first appimage for testing. It contains:
> It seems to work well on gubuntu 16.04! I have some small comments:
> * I get the "Should a desktop file ..." install message on every
> launch, which is slightly annoying.

If you choose OK it should go away… I think a desktop shortcut is quite handy 
if one starts to use the appimage frequently.

> * The toolboxes were sized rather small on first launch, but perhaps
> that was something carried over from my previous gimp settings. I
> resized them larger and the setting was remembered next launch.
> * The dark theme is nice, but contrast is too low on some elements.
> For example, on the brush select filter. Probably not an issue for you
> though.

That’s a task for the Gimp theme makers, I guess. The AppImage uses whatever 
theme is available in git.

> * I loaded a jpg, imported to working space, applied a gegl filter,
> used a mypaint brush, tried a gmic filter, it all seemed to work well,
> as far as I can see. I don't have any RAWs handy, so I was unable to
> test that.

Well, that’s already 90% of what is included in the package!

One issue I am trying to figure out is how to enable third-party plug-ins… I‘m 
afraid that the appimage does not allow to run binary plug-ins not originally 
included into it, but I still might be wrong and too pessimistic.
Python-based plug-ins should not be problem though.


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