Sven Neumann schrieb:

> > Is there a mailinglist for the gimp webpage yet?
> nope. But we can certainly set up one if the traffic on this
> list increases too much or the people that want to discuss this
> issue demand one. For the moment, I'd suggest we keep the
> discussion here. Please don't resist to discuss web-site details
> here until we have set up a mailing list. Do you think we need
> one now?

We might. But not today. The discussion could go into technical stuff
like "how do we do this in php" or something.

The more important problem now is: Who is helping out? Who does the
graphics, who the code? Where can we put the stuff? Many loose ends
which still have to be closed.

Maybe a public "Call for volunteers" would be of help. Has anybody made
good/bad experiences with something like that?



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