On 23 May 2001 00:43:56 +0200, Christoph Rauch wrote:
> We might. But not today. The discussion could go into technical stuff
> like "how do we do this in php" or something.
> The more important problem now is: Who is helping out? Who does the
> graphics, who the code? Where can we put the stuff? Many loose ends
> which still have to be closed.

And "what is the purpose of the site?" Some answers can probably be
found from webmaster@ mail archives (if there are such things) and by
listening to users. Before thinking anything else we should think what
should be there? And if we use PHP, we need some sense in the code, as
PHP tends to evolve into ultimate spaghetti (just look at themes.org)..
In that sense the perl template thingy would perhaps be better. Also PHP
can be used like that, although not many people (including me) do it
(there is a template class you can use and it fills your page template
with stuff, much like Java servlets or the perl thingy)

Anyway. like Christoph said, the all most important thing is to get the
people to do it. Unfortunately I dont have too much time in my hands,
but if I happen to get some excess Copious Free Time(tm) I could look
into it. But unfortunately I will be on vacation starting next week, so
I must disappear from this discussion (not that I have made a lot of
noise lately anyway, because of a lot of work stuff (with the Gimp
though! :))

> Maybe a public "Call for volunteers" would be of help. Has anybody made
> good/bad experiences with something like that?

"Looking for PHP coders to hack on www.gimp.org" is going to give a ton
of "Oh, I just found this PHP thing and it is l33t!" -coders and will
end up in ultimate spaghetti unless someone is looking over the code.
Not that I respect the volunteer efforts, but we want to keep the thing
maintainable so the page is easy to update if there is need and the main
web dudes are away. *cough* :)


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