Jens Lautenbacher schrieb:

> > I suggest putting the GIMP web site in CVS along the source code.
> > We do this with our company web site and it has the usual benefits:
> > versioning, locking, all privileged people can do updates.
> Funny enough, it's already in CVS -- but only acessible for those
> poor souls having an account on wilber (only cvs over ssh) People at that
> time didn't like the fact of having it in the usual gnome CVS.

Because of what? I see no problem putting it on a public CVS server. Anybody
can look at the web-page, so why dont let them look at it in CVS? And were a
free software project, so why should the scripts be non-free?

Of course we would have to put sensible data like passwords and such in a
config-file/config-files which we do not put in CVS.


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