Tom Rathborne schrieb:

> > So this really could have been a "chicken and egg" problem.
> Yes, it seemed very "chicken and egg" to me. That's why I just started
> doing something on my own.  I have already made about half of the
> decisions in Christoph's excellent list -- but I doubt that most
> people will agree with all of those decisions.  Maybe someone will
> find _something_ useful in what I have done.

Then please share your decisions you have done so far. Describe what language do
you use, what layout, andsoon. We could then avoid making duplicate efforts.

I will then put up a second list with "done-so-fars" and "todos".

Another thing that comes to my mind is i10n. When designing the content-enginge
one should keep that in mind. We could have a documents in various languages on
one page. The language would be selected by the browsers preferences.


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