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> also like to state that using PHP will enable a lot more programmers to be

just like javascript does, yes ;)

> applications available for PHP (and MySQL), most of the websites are moving

that's true.

> from Perl to PHP. That should have a reason, don't you think ?!? Just see

it's much easier to install then perl and it is a much simpler language
(ever asked by BASIC was so popular?). the biggets problem with php ist
that php programmers seem to have some inbuilt inability to create correct
html, for example, I have NEVER seen a php web page that correctly quotes
urls, all of them used broken entities like this:

   <a href="some.php?item=5&notes=7">

and then they complain that internet explorer is broken because it
interprets that as the entitiy "&not;" (which is absolutely correct...)

> If some people are concerned about PHP and spaghetti, then please consider

I am quite sure it's not php faults, but there must be something about php
that drags the worst out of people, coding-wise ;)

> BTW, for updating the site we could also consider using some kind of a
> Content Management System (CMS). There are lots of them available and they
> make updating the site less painless and more enjoyable...

"lots of them available"... any pointers?

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