> "lots of them available"... any pointers?

for sure, I have pointers to Content Management Systems (CMS).
I think these are the best ones (I know of):
- phpWebSite: phpwebsite.appstate.edu
- eZ publish: developer.ez.no
- BinaryCloud: www.binarycloud.com
- Typo3: www.typo3.com/index.php/Introduction/intro_uk/1
- MidGard: www.midgard-project.org

Also read this thread: http://www.fox-hunt.net/viewtopic.php?topic=14&forum=3
It is a call for the best CMS available. Lots of CMS-systems (but also systems that 
are much more than that) are listed in this discussion. Unfortunately, I missed which 
CMS has come out as the best one...

And ofcourse there are systems like PHP-Nuke (phpnuke.org) and Scoop 
(scoop.kuro5hin.org), but these are far more full-featured (with weblogs, forums, etc).


Martijn Weisbeek

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